Terms of Service

  • This service is a privilege, not a right. You are hereby agreeing that you will not:
    1. Use your bouncer with the intention of evading any ban on any network, or channel.
    2. Use your bouncer with the intention of spamming a network or other users.
    3. Use your bouncer with the intention of generating profit.
    4. Give your bouncer to another user, by selling or otherwise.
    5. Use your bouncer with the intention of doing illegal activities which violate United States law.
  • Your BNC was created with the intention of you using it. You should not request one to purely idle in your channel, if we catch this happening, your account will be deemed idle/unused and it will be removed.
  • You may only have one account, under this one account, you may have a max of 2 networks (Free). Any additional accounts will require you sign up for our 'Premium Service.' If you continue to hoard accounts, all, if any accounts will be removed and you'll be banned from our service, no questions asked.
  • You cannot have multiple accounts on the same network, this is called hoarding. Only Premium users may have this option, depending on the network and space availability.
  • If your BNC is more than 30 days idle, and you did not contact us about your account being idle for an extended amount of time, your account is eligible for deletion without warning. (Premium users excluded.)
  • If your account is blocked for more than 7 days, your account can and will be terminated, provided you didn't contact us about your block.
  • You must follow the network rules of any network you're connected to, there is no exceptions, violators will be terminated, premium or not. (NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN)

Please note, we have a 0 tolerance policy regarding abuse, if you cannot obey the rules, then you're not fit to use our service.

For our free service, server list editing will be disabled and you will have to contact an admin, as this is to prevent abuse.

Lastly, The Terms of Service is subject to change, please check back for changes. Thanks.

Last Edited: on 11/21/14 09:48


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