In XChat/HexChat, add a new network using XChat(HexChat) -> Network List. Server =, untick Use Global Info, set Username to BNC username/network, enable SSL, set server password yourpass.


In Quassel, add a new network using Quassel -> Settings -> Configure Quassel -> Networks. Add a new network at the top, select manually specify network settings, Give the network a name, Address =, port = 1338, Password = username/network:password, enable ssl!

In mIRC, connect via /server yournick:yourpassword. For SSL download OpenSSL library from and use :1338.

In irssi, type /network add PanicBNC then /server add -ssl -auto -network PanicBNC 1338 yournick:thepass and /connect PanicBNC.

In ChatZilla, ChatZilla>Preferences>Startup>Auto-connect URLs. Add ircs:// . Then ChatZilla>Open Auto-Connect(Locations). Add an exemption for the ssl certificate. Then, enable the ident server, Preferences > server > General > Enable Identification Server during connection process.

In colloquy-iOS, Add connection, set server to, go to Advanced, port 1338, SSL on, SASL off, Username and Password same as BNC password. Connect.

In colloquy, add a new connection. Enter Set the port to 1338 with SSL. Set the server password to your username:yourpass. Click connect.

In KvIRC goto Settings > Configure servers: Add new network -> (enter a name for the network) -> Add new server (enter Advanced -> Connection -> port 1338 -> use SSL protocol. Identify (Password: username:password)

In weechat, type /server add [network]ZNC -ssl -autoconnect -password=yournick:password then /connect [network]ZNC.

In linkinus, On the menu, Connection -> New Connection, then click on New network then add as the server and 1338 as the port. Enable SSL and set the password to theusername:thepass. Connect.


To add PanicBNC as a server in Konversation:

  1. Click ‘File’ in the upper left hand corner of Konversation.
  2. Click ‘Server List’ on the menu that opens.
  3. Click ‘New’ in the window that appears.
  4. Name the network whatever you would like.
  5. Chose whichever identity you would like.
  6. I created a new one called Panic! that has a username and no password or nickserv info.

  7. Optionally check the ‘Connect on application startup’ box.
  8. Click ‘Add’ below the server area.
  9. Enter the server in the window that appears. Ex:
  10. Set the port. Default is 1337. SSL is 1338.
  11. If you use port 1338 for SSL, make sure to check the SSL box.

  12. In the password field enter: username/network:password

You should now be able to connect. Enjoy!

Thanks to ocnios from #PanicBNC for the tutorial

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