Blacklisted & Suspended Networks


Network Reason
AitvarasAbusive Users
ApniISPNetwork doesnt allow BNC's.
AustnetNetwork Marks our IPs as "Bots"
AyochatAbusive Users
ChatbeNetwork doesn't allow public BNCs
ChatzonaAbusive Users
DalNetAbusive Users/Network Issues
DelfiNetwork Issues
EuropNetNetwork is currently marking our IPs as "insecure" proxies
FoxAtomicAbusive Users
FrendiNetwork Only Allows Regional Connections
GRNetAbusive Users
GevezeNetwork Issues
IRC-HispanoAbusive Users
IRCGateNetwork Issues
KampungChatAbusive Users
KrstaricaNetwork Issues
NandoxNetwork doesn't allow BNCs to connect
QtalkNetwork Issues
ShakeITAbusive Users
SimoSnapAbusive Users + Network is no longer allowing BNCs
SnoonetNetwork doesn't permit free BNC providers - Premium users excluded - They allow their own local BNC service ##BNC.
SohbetAbusive Users
SoyleNetwork Issues
TWiTMarks most of our IPs as Proxies
TiscaliNetwork Issues
TwitchTVNetwork has an annoying auth system.
UniversochatAbusive Users
WeNetNetwork marks our IPs as Proxies
XSohnetNetwork Issues
ZurnaNetwork Issues


Network Reason
AgrawAbsuive Users
AllNetworkAbusive Users
BolchatNetwork Issues
IRCFriendNetwork Issues
MindforgeAbusive Users
MxnChatNetwork Issues
SahbatChatAbusive Users
TakohuNetwork Issues
TrchatNetwork Issues
TrsohbetNetwork Issues
XtrisAbusive Users
Attention! The blacklist/suspended lists may not be up to date so if the bot says its blacklisted/suspended then it is.


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